Save on Your Utilities

If you’re a renter, we know you’re conscious about how much you spend on monthly utilities. Seemingly small problems like a drafty room or a leaky faucet can exponentially increase your spending. Hot Shotz will help you fix those problems so that you can save on your utilities and live more comfortably.

Lower utility bills for rentals in maryland

Save Energy & Money – Increase Comfort

Lowering the thermostat really does save money!  (Except for Heat Pumps – leave at one setting.)
how to save energy and money

For every degree lower you set your thermostat for 24 hours, you save about 3% of your heating costs. For every degree you set back the thermostat for 8 hours you save about 1%. Turn down the temperature at night, or when out of the house for 4 hours or more. Make sure the thermostats are accurate, use thermometers and a programmable thermostat.

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