Hot Shotz tip of the week: 3/1/16


Install one or more hygrometers in your home (aka humidity gage). It’s important to monitor and maintain healthy humidity levels in your home. For example; during the summer months you may need to use a dehumidifier in your basement etc. however you shouldn’t set it for any lower than 40% because that would be a waste of energy running the dehumidifier more than needed. In the winter time you may want to use a humidifier for dry nasal passages etc. however you don’t need to make it more humid than necessary.

Excessive humidity is bad for health and the durability of your home. Monitor you humidity levels and set your equipment as needed. As you can see according to the chart 50% is a good default. Remember to keep the filter clean on both the dehumidifier and humidifier if equipped. If your dehumidifier filter is dirty, you simply have a noisy inefficient space heater! To learn more about your homes performance, sign up for a complimentary Quick Home Energy Checkup today! Saving money never felt so good!