Hot Shotz tip of the week: 2/17/16


Don’t vent your crawl space!
Why do you vent your crawl space?Then why don’t folks vent their basements?

Old school say’s “you have to vent your crawl space for ventilation, to handle moisture issues”. Out with the old and in with the new smart way to deal with the good old crawl space. Most crawl spaces are damp because they have a dirt floor that is constantly allowing vapor to attack the underside of the house. The old-timers say to vent, but with high energy costs as well as crawl spaces filled with duck work and plumbing the smart solution is to install a vapor barrier over the dirt, (aka. 6 mil plastic or better) and permanently air seal the crawl space vents, it’s like having a mini basement! It’s winter, stop allowing frigid temperatures from striping heat from your floors! And in summer, it could be more humid outside then it is under your house! Not sure what to do? Call Hot Shotz 240-321-5050! If you live in MD. chances are you’re already paying for the answers you desperately need!