Garrett Little League

Hot Shotz is holding a friendly competition for the Central Garrett Little League! All donations will go towards the league, however, the team that gets the most sign-ups by the end of the 2016 season will win a special trip to watch a semi-pro baseball game in Morgantown, WV. Use the drop-down below to select the team you want your quick home energy check-up to be counted towards.

Fans, support your favorite Garrett Little League team by signing up for a complimentary quick home energy evaluation. This program isĀ made possible by the EmPower Maryland Act and is intended to help Maryland Potomac Edison customers save money on their monthly energy bills and allow residents to be more comfortable throughout the year. You will also be given energy-saving products for your home at no cost! Learn more about the program here or give us a call at 240.321.5050 if you have any questions.

Click Here To Sign Up!

Current Standings as of June 15th

Angels T-ball: 4.5
Royals: 1.5
Redsox Softball: 1
Blue Jays Softball: 1.33
Marlins Softball: 0.5
Athletics LL: 0.5
Orioles: 0.5
Pirates LL: 0.5
Cardinals LL: 0.33
Dodgers T-ball: 0.33