Autumn Glory Special Offer

Complementary to all Maryland Potomac Edison residential customers!

The Quick Home Energy Checkup - Covered Through the EmPower MD. Surcharge

*Contact us before October 31st to take advantage of this special offer.

Receive up to 20 high-quality Energy Star Certified LED light bulbs including

  • Floods
  • 3ways
  • Candelabra
  • And globe style along with three choices of A-type bulbs.
  • Two Showerheads, handheld or regular.
  • Kitchen and Bath aerators.
  • Water heater pipe insulation.
  • Qualitative home energy evaluation.

(Bulb specifications; dimmable, 2700 K, lasts 22 years based on 3hrs. per day)

Call Mark at 240.321.5050 today to set up your quick home energy check-up or click the button below to get started.


Increase your savings by signing up for a more comprehensive energy audit!

See how a condo in Deep Creek Lake, MD became more efficient and comfortable, practically for free!

  • $300 Value: Quick home energy check-up.
  • $400 Value: Home performance with energy star comprehensive evaluation.
  • $2,283: Condo air leakage mitigation using clear caulking.
  • $1,712: Rebate received from Potomac Edison.
  • $571: Final out of pocket cost, which will easily be recovered on this winter’s energy bills.

(There is a $100.00 Co-pay for the Comprehensive “Home Performance with Energy Star” energy audit.)

That’s a value of about $3,000 + ongoing savings in energy costs every year.

The below thermal imaging videos show a before and after of air leakage mitigation; the darker colors represent cooler temperatures, and the brighter colors represent warmer temperatures. Air leakage is apparent when a “feathered edge” is present; some air leakage sites do not show a feathered edge. In the test out video, all the caulking will show darker because it is colder than the other surrounding surfaces.

Before air leakage mitigation: 

Airflow at 50 Pascals: 3262 CFM50 ( +/- 0.4 %) (50 Pa = 0.2 w.c.) 13.02 ACH50 3.1185 CFM50/ft2 floor area.

After air leakage mitigation:

Airflow at 50 Pascals: 1369 CFM50 ( +/- 0.2 %) (50 Pa = 0.2 w.c.) 5.46 ACH50 1.3085 CFM50/ft2 floor area.

Caulking Dries Clear!

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