3 years ago we purchased a 3 bedroom log home in Deep Creek Lake … We loved the home UNTIL we received our heating bill of $800 a month during the winter when the home was Unoccupied. HotShotz was recommended to us by Art Holland and Mark and gang immediately performed a survey and did some air sealing work to the house and duct system … Bottom line our heat loss was fixed and we are savings approx. 80 percent from before the Hotshotz service! I would recommend this fine company to everyone!


Bruce and Randy Fox – Deep Creek, MD.

I had work done by hot shotz and I can testify my house is so much warmer. We had it done as part of program by Potomac Edison where they rebate half of our money back I recommend anyone who has a drafty old house give hot shotz a call ! Mark will take care of fixing those drafts!

Carole O.

My wife and I used to have a cold, drafty house in the winter and one that was hard to keep cool in the summer. Mark Watkins and his team came in with some cool technology and identified the issues in our house. Within a week, they had fixed them and we immediately felt the effects. Our house is cozy in the winter, cool in the summer, and our electric and gas bills have decreased by 25% or more! Mark and his team were honest, up front about the costs and expected paybacks, courteous, prompt in their work and when they finished the job we couldn’t even tell they had been there! Mark even filled out all of the necessary paperwork to get the rebate check from the state which paid for half of everything they did! If you have high bills or a less than comfortable house, you need Hot Shotz!


Valerie and Chris Marteney – Deep Creek, MD.

I am very happy with the work Hot Shotz did at my house!  They were very thorough and took their time.  The results were great and I’m so very glad I had them do an inspection.  They did a great job at sealing the house.  I definitely would recommend their service!


Darlene Engel

I’m really glad I called Hot Shotz to figure out how our house could be warmer and more energy efficient. Since we aren’t there full-time it can be difficult to meet with service professionals so I really appreciate you taking time on a Sunday to walk through and explain what you found during the energy audit. The step-by-step plan you suggested was a good guide for us and thank you, also, for providing the list of contractors to do the crawlspace insulation. I’ll be back in touch soon to schedule the air sealing mitigation.


Tricia Commins

Deep Creek Lake, MD

“Hot Shotz conducted an energy audit for me on my place at Deep Creek MD in January of 2012.  They used a special fan and thermal imaging to find where my house was leaking air etc. Between the energy audit and the caulking we spent about $2000.00, since then our fuel bills have been down by about $1500.00 a year! Now that’s a good return on my investment, plus my home is more comfortable.  We highly recommend Mark and Hot Shotz!”


Vince DeCarlucci

Deep Creek Lake, MD



“We utilized your service after this extraordinary winter of 2014! it was like a wind tunnel in our log house at the Lake. we were quite pleased with the level of professionalism and work ethic that Hot Shotz displayed. They worked quickly and with excellent results; we are very pleased. It is also a bonus that Potomac Edison will reimburse up to half the costs. Also, may I say that the service that you provide through Potomac Ed to install light bulbs and power strips through out the house is well worth the service too. it has made quite a savings for us already in addition to the warmer temps in the house. The day we chose to have the work done was approximately 10 degrees so that your furnishing a heater as you turned off our heat to do the work was greatly appreciated!! it was my little cocoon of warmth! we will await the reduced energy costs to come. Mark’s irrepressible good humor made the chilly house bearable throughout the process. thanks so much.”


Joan Schelling

Deep Creek Lake, MD

  • after receiving the home performance with energy star home energy audit the Schellings hired Hot Shotz to air seal their home.



“We are still waiting to begin the major repair/remodel on this 1907 Victorian house, but the no cost, temporary fixes you helped us with have already saved us several hundreds of dollars in heating costs. I had not considered how much warmer the first floor would be just from stopping the air flow in the cellar. Thank you again, your service paid for itself in the first winter.”


Linda Marden

Morgantown, WV



“Hotshotz has inspected three of our homes and we think it has been money well invested to help us save money in the future. There is no muss or fuss to prepare for an inspection and the colored pictures of heat loss areas really help to make the point. We plan on having Mark inspect the rest of our homes!”


Wm. Aspinall

Appalachian Parent Association, Inc.



“The energy audit you did on our place was very beneficial toward our personal comfort and lowering our energy use. We’re especially pleased that you found the moldy insulation and the big hole at the base of the foundation. Those were easy to fix. I guess I’m most pleased with what we’ve done upstairs. Since there are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths downstairs, the upstairs bedroom and bath are used only 10 to 15 days a year. It’s always seemed foolish–and expensive– to try to heat and cool those rooms all year. Also, the vaulted ceiling in what is now my sewing room has always been too hot in summer and too cold in winter. We’ve added a fake ceiling in the sewing room and a pair of curtains at the foot of the steps. It’s remarkably different, temperature wise, when we do go upstairs. Neither of the changes is unsightly and cost very little in comparison to utility bills.”


Mariwyn Smith

Mariwyn Sews, George Saws

Wood Art By George



“Thanks for all your help and patience.We are very close to selling a whale of a job in… I will keep you in mind if we need to use you there. I will also talk to the local roofing contractors we deal with there about your excellent service. Roofers are using thermal scans more and more and it will only grow. Thanks again. Hopefully we will do business again”


Brian C Moore

Jewett Roofing



“My family and I were experiencing some cold air issues throughout our home and Mark, the Hotshotz inspector was most helpful in identifying those areas and helping us determine a course of action. In addition, he really seem to care about our issues and his level of service was outstanding. We would recommend Mark and Hotshotz to anyone as he has been the only contractor that has provided us any relief to date.”


Dave Sturm

Shinnston, WV



“I wanted to say thank you for inspecting our home yesterday. My wife and I both found you to be the most professional and kind service worker to enter our home since we have been here.”



Morgantown, WV



“Hot Shotz conducted an energy audit of our home last winter. Mark was thorough and professional. His comprehensive report included recommendations that made us warmer and more comfortable immediately as well as others that we plan to have completed by a contractor before the end of 2010 in order to benefit from the energy conservation tax credit. This service was very informative, specific to our house, and I believe will save us a significant amount of energy expense as well as make our house worth more.”


Robert Sharps

Oakland, MD